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At Sunset Glass Co., Inc., we have the experience and expertise for the services listed below.  Our wealth of knowledge and experience to cut, fix, or customize glass for just about any need sets us apart (Some limitations may apply).  Please drop by our showroom or contact us for a free estimate.





Replacement Glass

Broken or failed window? We will replace the glass in the existing frame. We will come to your home to measure for a free quote.  Please call us to get on the schedule. You can also email to info@sunsetglass.com.

You can also get a guess estimate.  Email the measurements of the glass, the type of frame , city and zip code. 
Customer Provided Glass
We can cut up to 1/4 inch thick glass.  In some cases, we can cut thicker, depending on need.
Grind chips out of glassware (glass stemware, bowls, figurines, etc).
Drill holes in glass (porcelain, ceramic tile, fish tanks, bottles, etc.).  We cannot cut or drill tempered glass.

Minumum shop time applies.
Please Note: All cutting of customer’s glass is at customer’s risk
Glass Work
Single pane – installed in windows, doors, and skylights
Double pane – installed in windows, doors, and skylights
Glass for cabinet doors – please note that doors must be ready to accept glass  -  You can also come in and take samples home.  Coming soon a new showroom display with cabinets from International Kitchens.

Glass for table tops, picture frames, furniture tops, shelving, fireplace doors, and refrigerator shelves.

Glass Backspash


We also sell Boneyard glass 1/2 off in our showroom.  Note:Boneyard glass cannot be returned.


Cabinet Door Glass

Come in to our showroom and see our display.  Cabinet doors from International Kitchens. We are able to change the glass on display from one door to the other so you can see the

difference the glass is in each door color.
Rescreening or New Screens
Rescreening of entry screen doors, patio sliding doors, storm doors, and windows – Flat and Wicket – We provide either gray or charcoal mesh

You can also get new screens from us.
Shower Doors
Installation of standard and custom shower doors
Installation of customer’s own shower door
Replacement – safety glass, hardware (rollers, knobs, towel bars, etc.), water seals for customer’s own shower door
Framed tub and shower enclosures – these can be framed in a variety of different types of metal

Come see our showroom.

We are a Showerguard Dealer.


Framed Mirrors or Mirror

We sale Lieberman's framed mirrors.  Lieberman's is in New York. They do not mass produce their mirrors.  We have mirrors for sale and we also have frame samples. They have standard sizes and we can order for you custom sizes.

See the website at https://www.liebermans.net/wall-mirrors.aspx

We can also cut mirror to any size.  Mirrors can be ordered with bevels or flat and pencil polish.



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