Custom-Cut Glass

We can custom-cut mirror to any size. Contact us about your project →

Common uses for mirror:

  • Framed mirrors

  • Lighted mirrors and medicine cabinets

  • Antique mirrors

  • Bathroom mirrors

  • Door mirrors

  • Mirrored closet doors

  • Walls of mirrors for workout rooms

  • Car mirrors

Pictures provided in this gallery are courtesy Carleton Fine Works.


We sell Lieberman's framed mirrors in our showroom and we can also order custom frames from Lieberman's. We have frame samples in our showroom.

Based in New York, Lieberman's specializes in unique framed mirrors. Whether you're looking for a specific size to fit into a bathroom or looking to decorate, we have ready-to-hang mirrors in our showroom or we can order finished custom created mirrors for you. You can choose from a wide variety of frames, standard and custom sizes, as well as beveled and standard glass options. Contact us about your project →

Antique Mirror

We sell custom ordered antique mirror from Avalon Glass & Mirror to any size. We have samples in our showroom. Contact us about your project →

Based in Los Angeles, Avalon Glass & Mirror has over 60 years of experience cutting edge of mirror manufacturing. Quick to adapt to a changing industry and incorporate new technology, their 75,000 square foot facility can handle projects of any scale, while their state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities ensure mirrors are of the very highest quality.